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:About my Artwork:

Q. What's the price for commission paintings?
A. The Price for commission work depends on the size of the canvas, click here to visit the commissions page where you can see samples of some specially made pieces and pricing.

Q. What mediums do you use?
A. Acrylic paints and oil paints are the medium I use most of the time, and every now and then I'll use watercolor paints or pastels.

:About Using my Artwork:

Q. May I use your artwork for tubes and/or signatures tags?
A. I'll have tubes available for sale, check back soon!

Q. May I use SuicideKitten’s artwork to decorate my journal, profile, website?
A. As long as:
• Read all these steps
• Your website is a Non-Profit organization
• The artwork will be used for a NON-PROFIT cause
• Place full credit on your site:
Artwork by Karla Ruiz - SuicideKitten
link: http://www.suicidekitten.com/
• Your site is not a porn site or hate related site (nazi, etc.)

Q. Will you provide me with artwork without the watermark?
A. Sorry but no.

:About the Gloomy Ghoul Kidz:

Q. How do you adopt a Gloomy Ghoul Kid?
A. Copy the code and paste it into your profile/journal/etc.

:About Me:

Q. What kind of makeup do you use?
A. Kryolan cake and pressed powder, Ben Nye cake and pressed powder, Mac, and sometimes Avon if the color is pretty.

Q. How long have you been painting?
A. I would doodle and sketch ever since I was a little girl but I took painting seriously only since 2004.

:Other F.A.Q.:

Q. Will you paint me a painting?
A. Yes, but it will cost you some money. Click here to view prices or refer to the first question in the "About My Work" section.


Your answer is not here? Contact me at suicidekitten[at]yahoo.com


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