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:Commissioned Samples:

These are some samples of commissions I've done in the past, these people were kind enough to allow me to show off the work I did for them. Please take a look and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as they do.




:How To Commission Artwork:

To order commission work please send an e-mail to:

Price for a commissioned painting of one (1) human figure in the "Big Eye" or "Doll" art style with a plain background depends on the desired size of canvas.
Background: Negotiable. Pricing will depend on the difficulty of the background requested.
Additional Human Figure: Add 25% to desired canvas size for an additional human figure. Pricing negotiable when 3 or more human figures are desired in one single canvas.
Extras: Negotiable. Pricing will depend on the size and difficulty of pet or object desired.

Base Price for a painting of one (1) figure with a plain colored background as follows:

5 x 7 inches: $75.00*
8 x 10 inches: $160.00*
9 x 12 inches: $215.00*
11 x 14 inches: $290.00*
12 x 16 inches: $360.00*
14 x 18 inches: $475.00*
16 x 20 inches: $600.00*

* These prices do not include shipping charge


* Copyright © by Karla Ruiz *